About Me

I started making cakes from a young age, whether it was for a birthday, Christmas or for no other reason than I wanted cake! Pre-made packet mix just wasn’t my thing, so I would make them from scratch. For years I would post pictures and have family and friends love my creations so much they would bug me to make a business out of it – and that is just what I have done.

Particularly on the Northern Beaches, it can be difficult to find vegan food, and even more difficult to find vegan cakes made in the area. So I opened Vegan Sweet Cheeks to provide beautiful, delicious and cruelty free cakes.

Everything I make is not only vegan but also gluten free, using mostly organic ingredients. This includes my homemade gluten free flour blend, sugars and sweeteners, cocoa and chocolate, coconut, oils and more.

I really believe it is what's in the details is what counts, and putting love and thought into every creation!

If I was to describe myself in 3 sentences:

Amateur & Ambitious baker who strives to do the very best in all that I do.

Passionate ethical Vegan for 5 years (and will be life-long!)

Young (21!), Friendly, & a lover and creator of beautiful things.